Book Review: Fallen Princess by Chantal Fernando

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I have read Chantal Fernando's books before, and just like the others, this one swept me off my feet! She has two MC series, one featuring the Wind Dragons MC (of which this book is a part) and the other featuring the Cursed Ravens MC. This is the first one I have read in the Wind Dragons series, and I must say that I am compelled now to go read the other books. I loved the Cursed Ravens books for the same reason I liked this one - passionate alpha men, strong take-no-prisoners women, and complex families that will do anything to protect their own. Clover Black is the Princess of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. She is also a police officer, a secret she is keeping from her family, whose reaction would be terrible if they knew. Working each day to prove herself in a largely-male police department, she struggles to maintain her drive and commitment to the path she has chosen. When she gets a new partner, Felix Banks, the struggle takes a turn for the better...and the worse. Felix encourages her to become a better cop and supports her as she finds her strengths and weaknesses. They soon have feelings for each other that go beyond partners. But if her family would flip out if they found out she became a cop, how would they react if they knew she had also fallen in love with one? I loved the dynamic between Clover and Felix! Felix is a naturally dominant man and Clover is a naturally dominant woman, so they clashed quite a bit in the beginning. It was fun to see Clover put Felix in his place and assert herself as his equal, and his respect for her grew so much from that initial set-down. Their background were very different - his father was a police officer and hers is a former MC president, The odds were not in their favor, but to get cliche with it, it felt like their souls recognized each other from the start. They clicked immediately, and their romance blossomed into something that tugged at my heartstrings. Everyone has multiple sides to them, and so often in romance an alpha male is presented as just that - alpha. But Felix had so much depth to his personality, and Clover brought out the best in him. They both learned a lot from each other. The secondary characters nicely complimented them as characters as well, and Clover's family was a riot! I loved the relationship between her parents, and I could see Clover and Felix being like that when they get older. This book is going straight to my Favorite Books of 2019 list! Its cast of characters and mix of drama and humor made this book an enjoyable read for any reader of romance. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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