Book Review: The Rookie by Abigail Owen


I am so excited to return to the Fire's Edge series with this book! The first book, The Boss, provided a great introduction to all the characters and the fantasy world of firefighting dragons. Really, the second book could have focused on any of the characters from the first book, and I would have been happy. However, I am so thrilled that this book told Sera and Aiden's story, because it was so intriguing when they first met. The reader could immediately feel the connection between them, and their romance put some pep into my step this past weekend. It will truly make your heart feel warm and fuzzy by the time the story ends!

Sera Morrison is at her wit's end living with the constant uncertainty in her life. Between keeping the secrets of the dragon shifters, worrying about the danger they could be putting her son in, and the hot and cold routine from the team rookie, Aiden, she is ready to sell her winery and move far away. But everything changes when she becomes angry with the dragons, and suddenly her destiny is no longer under her control. Aiden Paytah feels an intense attraction to Sera, and the erotic dreams he keeps having of her are getting to be too much for him to handle. He thinks distance is the best thing for them, but when faced with the possibility of losing her forever, he realizes that keeping her close might be exactly what he needs.

Sera and Aiden were both such wounded souls, and they were really good for each other! Sera lost her husband five years prior and had been raising her son on her own, so things were a struggle. And she was angry and frustrated that her attraction to Aiden seemed to be one-sided. When they finally kissed, I just about swooned. In fact, I'm pretty sure I had to put my book down and take a breather - I was that excited! Their romance was a slow burn, starting in Book 1 of the series and obviously continuing in this one. Even after they became closer, I wondered if everything was actually going to work out between them. The added mystery in the story about her status with the team and who was the spy made it all the more intense. Sera's son, Blake, was a great comic relief in the book, especially when parts of the story were really sad or frustrating. The way the dragon shifters interacted with him was awesome and made me fall in love with them all even more.

I'm super intrigued about the next dragon to get a book! I always love a difficult case, and he is bound to be a fun hero to watch struggle with his finding, and keeping, his mate.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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