Blog Tour: It's Getting Scot in Here by Suzanne Enoch

I am proud to announce my next Favorite Book of 2019! This couple captured my heart and they will capture yours too. I am participating in a blog tour hosted by St. Martin's Press, in honor of this book's release date (yesterday!). Please read on for my review, buy links, and author information.

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If you have never fallen in love with a highlander, you will once you've finished this book! I blushed, I sighed, I was a roller coaster of mushy emotions in my head as I plowed through this book in only a few hours. I couldn't help but laugh at the banter between characters, and I adored the family introduced in this series. It's the first book, which is always a happy time for me! It means I have a lot of great reading to look forward to.

The last thing Niall MacTaggert and his two elder brothers want to do is leave their home in the highlands and come to a city full of dandies and cold-blooded women - London. But when their long-estranged mother calls them home so they can fulfill a marriage bargain made when they were still children, Niall and his brothers have no choice but to oblige her. Although Niall's eldest brother, Coll, agrees to be the one to marry whomever their mother chose, Niall has a difficult time accepting it when he meets Coll's intended, Amelia-Rose Baxter. She is everything he never knew he wanted, and now he must watch her marry his brother. Unless things turn in his favor..and with Scotsmen, you never know what will happen next.

I loved, loved, loved Niall! Everything about his personality made me excited to read more and root for him to the very end. He was quick to make people laugh, kind to his sister, and stood up for Amelia-Rose against even his own family. Instead of making her feel rejected by his brother, he took action to make her feel wanted and welcome, and that spoke volumes about his character. Although he claimed his actions were partly due to the marriage bargain, it was clear that his feelings for her drove him to treat with her with such respect and affection. Amelia-Rose was a delight to read, especially when her true personality shone through. At times she was apologetic and tried to mask her inner self, but with Niall, she was able to be herself without worry of judgment or ridicule.

The secondary characters were equally engaging, as Suzanne Enoch gave insight into each other their personalities. Even Amelia-Rose's companion, Jane, had a large role, and I was able to get a good understanding of who she was. Niall's sister, Eloise, and her fiance, Matthew, were portrayed very well, for the little amount of page time they received, and I kept thinking to myself - they deserve their own book. They're adorable together!

I am eager to see where this series goes next! Any of the options sound amazing.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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Suzanne Enoch grew up in Southern California, where she still balances her love for the Regency romances of Georgette Heyer and classic romantic comedies with her obsession for anything Star Wars. Given her love of food and comfy chairs, she may in fact be a Hobbit. She has written more than 35 romance novels, including traditional Regencies, Historical Romance, and contemporary Romantic Suspense. When she isn’t working on her next book she is trying to learn to cook, and wishes she had an English accent. She is the bestselling author of Scandalous Brides series, The Scandalous Highlanders series, and One Hot Scot.

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