Book Review: Smitten by the Brit by Melonie Johnson

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Angst, angst, and more angst! I loved the characters in this story, don't get me wrong, but the level of drama in this book was so much higher than I expected. Almost from the beginning the reader gets a hint of drama to come, and then it begins and snowballs into one big mess. In the best sense, of course. Because what is romance without a little trial and error? While I did enjoy the secondary characters even more than the H and h, I thought the story was fun with lots of things going on to keep your attention engaged from start to finish. Theo Wharton's mission in life, at least lately, is to save his family's legacy and keep the coffers full to keep and maintain their estate. But life throws him a curveball in the form of beautiful Bonnie Blythe, an American with a penchant for independence and a saucy mouth. When they first met in London a year ago, she was engaged and he was firmly set into the friendzone. But now things have changed and their friendship has turned into something much more. The trouble is, Theo needs an heiress and Bonnie is not even close. Not to mention that Bonnie is not sure what she wants with Theo, and her life has become one big what if. What if she goes to England to teach? What if she wants to become a writer? What if she falls in love with a duke? So many funny scenes in this book! I laughed a lot. But as I said before, this book is chock full on angst too! And it's much ado about nothing very frequently. I typically read a lot of historical romance, so I am familiar with the whole concept of financially unsteady lords needing to marry heiresses to keep their families in good standing. But I thought that ended a long time ago...apparently not! I was pretty irritated with Theo from the get-go for not standing up for his future against his mother, who was so focused on appearances that she couldn't care less if her son was happy and in love. It was frustrating! Thankfully, Theo found his backbone...eventually. And Bonnie kept him on his toes...for the most part. There was a part towards the end where some serious groveling should have been done by Theo, but basically he just said "I'm sorry" and that was it. Not enough for me. Especially when Theo crushed my heart right alongside Bonnie's - think Marianne and Willoughby. It was not a pretty picture. Overall, my favorite character was Theo's sister, Tabitha! I cannot wait for her to have her own book - she gets her own book, right? Please say yes! I can't wait to read more from this author. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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