Book Review: Springtime at Hope Cottage by Annie Rains

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This was a sweet, romantic addition to the Sweetwater Springs series! The first book captured my heart and made me fall in love with the town and the people. This book did the same thing (although the first book is still my favorite!). I loved the inclusion of Cherokee culture, and it was great seeing all the diversity continued in the town. We saw a lot of that in the first book, and it just kept on going here. I liked meeting new characters and seeing old favorites as well. The last thing Tuck Locklear wants is to get involved with a woman, having lost his wife two years ago, and he especially doesn't want to get involved with a city girl who is glued to her phone and only in town for a week. However, when Josie Kellum comes to visit, his willpower is greatly tested, as his patience and strength is tested. While he recognizes her as the last person he should kiss, that's all he seems to want to do. Josie is just in town visiting her friend, and she is not getting along well with the first inhabitant she meets, Tuck. But things happen for a reason, and when they are forced together every day of her visit, the sparks fly. Neither went looking for love but they just might find it in each other. It took me quite a long time to warm up to Tuck. I mean, the man rarely had a nice thing to say or think about her for the majority of the first half of the book, and he was a jerk to her in front of other people for no reason. I didn't really see anything attractive about him except his first. But then as he softens and begins to see beyond Josie's "city girl" exterior, he wisened up and saw her for the wonderful, generous person she was. I loved her interaction with Tuck's patient, Maddie, and thought she handled the bumps in the road very well with both of them. Josie was easy to like, and I especially liked how she stood up for herself many time throughout the book. She was a strong woman, and she didn't let her attraction to Tuck get in the way of her self confidence. Sweetwater Springs is still deeply embedded in my reader heart, and I look forward to seeing where the series goes next! Not sure who will be the next bachelor/bachelorette, but it's sure to be another swoonworthy romance. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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