Book Review: The Cowboy's Honor by Amy Sandas

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I love witty banter between the hero and heroine, and this book had it all throughout! Such an enjoyable read, with really strong female characters and alpha men not too proud to admit when they are wrong. I hadn't read this author before, and I wasn't certain what to expect. Sometimes cowboy romances can feel too similar, and I lose interest after a while. However, with this book, it kept my attention the entire time and had me looking to see what was next for this author! Amy Sandas revived my excitement about the genre and made me start looking for more. It's not every day that the small town of White Sulfur Springs sees a fancy Eastern woman wearing a wedding dress, especially when she has just debarked a train. So when Dean Lawton sees her outside the post office, after his brother told him there was a package waiting for him there, he is certain that his brother has finally done the unthinkable and gotten Dean a mail order bride. However, Courtney Adams is running away from a marriage, not looking for another one. After finding out her groom's secret and realizing love would never be part of their marriage, Courtney is determined to strike out on her own. She was hoping to meet up with her friend, Alexandra, who had run away from her own marriage last summer and was now living with her ex-bounty hunter husband in Helena, Montana. But the train doesn't go that far, and now she is stranded in White Sulfur Springs with a man who told her he is now her husband. And that simply will not do. The dynamic between Dean and Courtney was amazing! They were so evenly matched in temperament, each giving as much as the other gave in attitude. I loved how Courtney stood up for herself and consistently made sure Dean knew he had to respect her, regardless of the unwanted marriage between them. Dean was so flustered by Courtney's confidence, and it was funny to see him slowly see how good she could be for him. It was frustrating at times, especially when their relationship became more intimate, that they still refused to be honest with each other about their feelings. They were really good about expressing themselves about everything under the sun, except romance. Dean had been hurt before and so had Courtney, so their insecurities led to conflict. But at the end of the day, I really liked how their love grew over time, and they were a strong couple. Now I need to go back and read the first book in the series, to learn more about Courtney's friend, Alexandra! You definitely don't need to read it to understand this book, but you'll want to after you're done. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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