Book Review: Alien Mischief by Cara Bristol

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Once again Cara Bristol has made me wish this alien world actually existed! Each book is so unique in creating different personalities of each alien man and human woman, and I never feel like an idea is repeated or overdone. This series is a companion to her newest series, which takes place on Earth, and I have to say that my heart still lies with this original group of books. Not sure what it is, but if I had to tell you where to start with the Dakon alien men, this series would definitely be it.

Madison Altman is in a bind of her own making. Disguised as a man in order to obtain the job of chaperone to the women brought to Dakon through the exchange program, she has convinced everyone around her, including the hunky alien Enoki, that she is not an eligible woman. But when she is stranded on Dakon after the ship leaves her behind, she is forced to bunk with Enoki, and sparks fly on her end as she tries to keep her libido from revealing her true identity. Enoki is confused by the whispers he keeps hearing that convince him his mate is nearby. The only human nearby is Madison, and just when Enoki is giving up on ever finding a mate, he is in for a big surprise.

Madison was a woman I could definitely support and understand, which made her predicament so emotionally wrenching for me. Having lost her fiance right before their wedding, her heart is wounded, and her only escape is as a man where her heart isn't at risk of more trauma. She is definitely into Enoki, but she is convinced that she would only hurt him in the end. Enoki was another character that I felt a definite connection to as well, simply because of his caring, generous nature towards everyone he came in contact with. He puts others before himself almost every time, and although he desperately wants a mate, he refuses to use his leadership status to force his way into the lottery. I respected him as a character greatly, and I felt Madison was an awesome partner for him. They complimented each other well.

I am eager to see what comes next! Hopefully more stories on Dakon are coming soon.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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