Book Review: The Millionaire's Baby Surprise by Calliope Raine

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A fun, quick read, this book is sweet and full of romantic fun between two totally different people! I loved how genuine the interactions were, and the heavy topic of a mother killed by cancer and her child being taken in by a father he never knew. It brought out a lot of emotion, but it was done in a way that felt respectful and true to real life. Usually I am not a fan of books where a child is in the picture, because I have no children and have a difficult time relating. But in this case, Calliope Raine wrote the story in such a way that any person can relate to the story and the people.

Dr. Clara Shaw and Nikhil Savani are as different as they come. One is the head of Oncology and covetous of her quiet time, the other is a millionaire CEO who has a different woman in his bed each night. Neither expect to ever get close, but when one of Clara's patient dies, leaving a four-year-old son alone, that changes. Nikhil is the boy's father, and the fun-loving partier doesn't know what to do with a child in his home. Desperately needing help, he enlists Clara to give him advice on how to raise the boy, and over time, their uncertain friendship blossoms into something much more than either ever anticipated.

I enjoy romances where the two main characters are opposites - it makes their interactions so much more interesting and complex! I loved how Clara pushed back at Nikhil for how he initially approached his son, Jackson, and Nikhil surprised her by being genuinely concerned about his son and how best to raise him. Her preconceptions were challenged, and her opinion of Nik grew over time. Nikhil didn't understand at first why Clara took such a dislike to him, but he made sure that he did everything possible to convince her that he was a good man. His head was often rules by a part of his body besides his brain, and that was evident quite frequently in the beginning, but as they grew closer, I could see that he was attracted to more than just Clara's curves. The romance was a bit quick for me, them falling in love within a few days and all, but it still was very romantic and engaging. I also liked seeing the interactions between Nik and his brothers - they are really interesting characters! I can't wait to read more about them in future books.

I am excited to read the next book in the series! Maybe Tejas is next? He was my favorite.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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