Book Review: Crazy Cupid Love by Amanda Heger

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A cute, unique play on the idea of Cupid and his love-inducing arrows, Crazy Cupid Love was fun to read! It's definitely fantasy-based, but it takes place in a contemporary setting, where the descendants of Cupid drive cars instead of flying around on wings. There's a council of Descendants who regulate their people, and the services of Erosians (descendants of Cupid/Eros) can be bought for a fee. It was fun to see all the different ways they helped people find love, and in particular, how each Erosian's skills differed in strength. Lots of thought obviously went into this worldbuilding, and it went really well. Eliza Herman does not want to be Erosian, but unfortunately, life is not fair. Not only is she a descendant of Eros, but she is also the most powerful Erosian in modern history, able to enchant others without a single drop of blood being drawn. This leads to her accidentally enchanting people constantly, and for her safety as well as that of others around her, she has no desire to join the family business. But when her family's business is in trouble, and her brother asks for her help, she can't help but say yes. It's only for a few weeks, after all - what could go wrong? Eliza was so much fun! I loved her hilarious mishaps and her reaction to the many personalities introduced in the story. While I did feel a prologue would have been beneficial, to help me better understand her history, I did eventually pick up on what had gone wrong and why she was so adamantly opposed to working as a Cupid. Her interactions with Jake Sanders, a childhood friend she had a crush on for years, were entertaining, and Jake was a great contrast to her. He was her anchor in a lot of ways, keeping her from drifting off into dangerous territory, and although they definitely butted heads, I loved how he just wanted to protect her. Even at the expense of himself and his own interests. Besides Jake and Eliza, the reader is introduced to other characters as well, including Eliza's family. If you want to read about dysfunctional families, it definitely feels like you can satisfy that desire quite easily for most of the book. Eliza's mother made me mad for about 95% of the book, and her brother was really immature. Given that Eliza's childhood wasn't really explained, it took me a while to understand why they treated her the way they did. Especially when her father was so much their opposite, loving her along with all of her faults. I hope to read more books by this author soon! Crafted in a unique way, this story captured my attention from the first page and engaged my imagination. Loved it! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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