Book Review: Date Like A Woman by Kai Nicole

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This was definitely an eye-opener for me as someone who is well aware of their lack of dating abilities. I have struggled for years with the dating scene, trying to learn the "game" and figuring out how to play to succeed. Kai Nicole breaks down the most common misconceptions, why they exist, and how we can work around them. She does a great job bringing both humor and frankness into the conversation, which is sure to be well received by many groups of people. While the book is obviously geared towards female readers, she also addresses the men who may be reading it, and there are definitely some takeaways that men can get from the book as well.

My favorite chapter was Chapter 4: Learning How to Date. It covers a lot of topics that I find frustrating and confusing, such as dating multiple men at once and keeping dating fun. I frequently find myself full of nerves before a date, and I am so focused on not screwing it up that I forget to just let go and enjoy myself. The song Let It Go from Frozen comes to mind! I should play that song in my head every time I have a mini freak out. Kai also mentions that we should resist cyberstalking, and I concur! I am also a repeat offender of this - I initially look up a guy to make sure he's not crazy, and then I inevitable end up digging deeper than I need to. One time I found out a guy had a little sister before he told me, because I looked at his Instagram pictures that were a year old. Oops! I am a work in progress. :)

There were, of course, a few sections that I was a bit "iffy" on, but that's probably because I've been conditioned to think a certain way. It's hard to break out of a mindset that has been years in the making. For example, Kai brings up the idea of friends with benefits. I am wholeheartedly against it - for ME. For others, I say to each their own. I don't particularly care if others do it, but for me, I feel like I would have a super hard time separating myself from the sexual act. I question if this would really work for me. She does explain how to make it work, but I will say I am still skeptical even after reading.

Overall this is definitely a great book to check out if you're at a loss on how to date! Kai Nicole gives a refreshing perspective that will have the wheels in your head turning, and hopefully you will see your dating life turn around once you start applying some of the ideas she suggests.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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