Book Review: Flights of Fancy by Jen Turano

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Such a fun book with quirky characters and lots of laughter! Jen Turano always writes books that make me smile, and Flights of Fancy is no exception to this rule. The first in a new series called American Heiresses, Turano takes us into the heart of American life for women in late 19th century, when titles from England mattered a great deal when husband hunting and American mamas were just as desperate for a duke in the family as English mamas. If you thought that all ended once you set sail on the Atlantic, think again! I loved seeing another side to American history, and Jen Turano shows it so well, with a great deal of accuracy. Miss Isadora Delafield is running from her duke-obsessed mama and the duke who has set his eyes on Izzie's childbearing hips. Raised in the lap of luxury, she must flee to the one place her set would never look for her - a country estate in the Pennsylvania countryside. Disguised as a housekeeper with a vague reference letter from her best friend's household, Izzie takes refuge at Glory Manor, a home that desperately needs assistance after its last housekeeper was run off by its eccentric occupants. Unfortunately, things begin poorly and end up worse, as Izzie realizes her ability to do basic household chores is lacking, and the man of the house, Mr. Ian MacKenzie, is fit to be tied. He is charmed by Izzie's determined nature, but he is suspicious of her background. When secrets are revealed, it's uncertain if their future will be together...or apart. Izzie was a delight! Even though she was raised with all the luxuries afforded to a woman of extraordinary means, she never complained about her temporarily reduced circumstances. I loved that she dove right into the household chores and wouldn't give up, even though others desperately wanted her. Her antics with the farm animals and her friendliness towards everyone she met made her a lovable and quirky character. Ian was a great fit for as a hero, particularly as he grew to know her more and appreciate her personality. While they got to know each other under false pretenses, and thus ensuring an awkward reveal later on in the book, I felt like they really needed that time to know each other as just Ian and Izzie. After all, Ian needed to be taught that title wasn't everything when it comes to marriage, and Izzie needed to find out who she really was. I was a bit disappointed in how Ian handled things when Izzie's secret was revealed, but of course, this novel has a happily ever after, so everything works out. I'm excited to continue reading the books in this series! Hopefully Beatrix will get her book next! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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