Book Review: Highlander Ever After by Paula Quinn

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I have been reading Paula Quinn's books for years now, and while I liked the her first few books, this is the first of her newer ones where I truly feel she is having a comeback on my bookshelf! I loved, loved, LOVED the history tie-ins with this book, as she has done with all of her others, and the side characters are just as interesting as the main characters. The dogs alone win me over - Ula and Goliath are the sweetest! She has truly created a family at Camlochlin, and I want to be part of it too. Per royal decree, Melusina de Arenburg has been torn from her home in England and forced to the altar to wed a savage highlander, Adam MacGregor, and neither party is very pleased with this news. Adam because he has no desire to become Chief, but with this marriage, it seems a sure thing. Melusina because she already has a betrothed! An unlikely duo forced together first appears unlikely to succeed, but as time passes, Melusina can't help but fall in love with Adam's family...and Adam himself. Just when they are feeling the first bud of romance, however, Melusina is ordered home, and Adam must fight for the love he never expected. I was really worried when I first read the synopsis, because I hate love triangles. Truly, they are in my top three of least favorite tropes within a story. However, the author pulled it all together where you know it's there, but you also recognize that it's disintegrating before your eyes. While Melusina continues for a large portion of the story (we're talking halfway through the book) to insist she loves her betrothed, William, she also realizes that her fate is sealed. She sees the wonderful qualities in Adam and begins to wonder if what she feels for William is really love or just comfort. I would have liked her to have been a bit more willing to see what she had with Adam sooner, but I also understood that she couldn't give up on the "love" she thought she already had. Adam was truly a gem among men, considering the hysterics he had to put up with from Sina in the beginning. Yes, his temper got the better of him a few times, but he stuck up for her among his fellow men, and that really touched my heart. He had all the reasons in the world to complain about Sina to his friends, but instead he recognized that she needed to belong. Her feelings really mattered to him. Adam was a really amazing hero. I'm really excited to see where Paula Quinn goes next with her books! This definitely re-engaged my interest in her writing, and I'm eager to read more. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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