Book Review: Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Ryan

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I can't begin to describe how much I enjoyed reading this book! It was such a surprise, even though it really shouldn't have been - everything Jennifer Ryan writes is flipping fantastic. But I wasn't certain about this new series, since a large part of the story centers on a controversial subject - legal prostitution in Nevada. Of course, Jennifer Ryan pulled it off with flair, and she peaked my curiosity in learning more about the legal brothel she has dubbed Wild Rose Ranch in her new series. There are so many strong, capable women in this book to admire, and while some of the men represent the worst sort of man, others show what a true man really should be.

Roxy Cordero never had any intention of making her existence known to her adopted siblings, but when her father unexpectedly dies and leaves her half of his ranch, she has no choice but to meet them. And no one has a more conflicted reaction that Noah Cordero. Raised to one day run Speckled Horse Ranch, Noah is both hurt and angry that his father kept Roxy's existence from Noah and his sister. His first inclination is to fight her tooth and nail, but when she moves onto the ranch and begins to show her inner strength and kindness, it becomes harder for Noah to resist her. Soon she is redecorating their home, taking his sister shopping, and gradually making a space for herself in Noah's heart. But Roxy has a dirty little secret that Noah doesn't know about, and when he finds out, will he still want her in his life?

Have I mentioned how wonderful the writing is in this book? Jennifer Ryan created a heroine who has come up from being the daughter of an abusive, drug-addicted prostitute to being a well-known horse trainer and barrel racer. She helped raise three other young women whose mothers worked at the Wild Rose Ranch as well, and she never let anyone belittle her successes. The way she handles herself throughout the book was so inspiring - I honestly don't know how I would react if I were in the same situation, but I doubt I would be so strong. Roxy was fiercely protective of herself and her family, and it was crystal clear that she wouldn't let her desire for Noah to get in the way of her self-confidence. Noah was a character that took a bit of warming up to for this reason, because Roxy had to stand up for herself to him too. Even once the secret was revealed, and Noah didn't handle it in the best manner, Roxy still continued on with her life and didn't give in right away. She made sure Noah knew that he needed to do better. And boy, did he! I tell you, ladies, if you want to see a man make up for his mistakes well, then read this book. Have your man who needs groveling lessons read this book. Hell, if you see a man who needs a lesson in how to take care of his woman, throw this book at him.

I absolutely cannot wait until the next book is released! Roxy's sisters are sure to be strong heroines who don't need no man either, but when they get one, he will be amazing. Only the best for the Wild Roses!

**I received a free copy via New Leaf Literary & Media and this is my honest review.**

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