Blog Crasher: The Burn Cookbook by Jonathan Bennett and Nikki Martin

Today is one of those oh-so-rare days when I review a book that has ZERO romance in it, folks! And believe you me, this one is totally worth looking at. I can't really cook - I mean, I can, but I don't want to. But this cookbook makes me want to pull on my apron (yes, I have one, and it's reversible) and get working in the kitchen.

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The greatest part about this cookbook is that it has something for everyone. Not much of a cook? There are recipes in here for mixed drinks. Don't want to cook or make drinks? There is a workout routine for those of you who are gym-inclined. Don't want to work out, cook, or make drinks? There are activities scattered throughout the book to take you back to the day when you first fell in love with the movie, Mean Girls. Don't want to cook, make drinks, work out, or do fun activities? Then, girl, bye.

So first up, I want to send a BIG shoutout to Jonathan Bennett for putting so much of his personal story in this book! I think we all forget that celebrities are people too, and I loved hearing about his parents, his experience with fans interrupting his dinner, and his behind-the-scenes insights into his fellow actors' personalities. Hint: Rachel McAdams apparently has the softest lips he's ever kissed. Who knew?!

Nikki Martin obviously cannot be forgotten either. She really makes cooking fun in this book, giving you common sense pointers on how to be safe in the kitchen but do it with flair. As someone who knows the basics of cooking, I found myself nodding along to her recommendations and then ooh-ing and aah-ing when she would throw in tips I never thought of. Oh, she also recommends getting a Lodge-brand cast iron pan, and she's right. My mom has one and LOVES it. And she makes another point I 100% agree with and emphasize - get a freaking fun apron! If you look good, you tend to feel good, and that will come out in your cooking. It's just a fact. Look it up.

Some highlights of the book I want to mention...

The Fetch Facts - these are the facts scattered all throughout the cookbook giving you little-known trivia about the making of the movie. For instance, did you know that Lindsey Lohan was a minor during the filming? I didn't! Usually teens don't play teens in movies, but in this one, she did!

The Activities - these are the fun quizzes and games thrown in that relate back to the movie. One is about which character you are. I got a mixture of Cady and Janis - so I guess if they had a baby, I would be it...hehe. Another is a MASH game - do you remember these when you were in school? I don't particularly like my result (let's just say I'm not doing well for myself in the Mean Girls world). And then there's the Pop Quiz, which I utterly fail. Let's not talk about it.

Things Not Cooking-Related - these are the things thrown in to this book for those of you who really just bought the book because it's got Mean Girls written all over it, but you had no intention of actually cooking. Hi there! So there are face mask recipes, a workout routine, and a drinking game. On behalf of the authors, you are welcome.

So there you have it! My review of a cookbook, sans romance, but full of things that are so FETCH! I'm making it happen. Shut up.

**I received this book from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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