Book Review: My One and Only Duke by Grace Burrowes

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I don't typically read romances where the heroine is already pregnant, because generally, this makes for a very sticky situation for whoever the hero is. However, Grace Burrowes did a great job of writing a romance that captured my attention from start to finish with its witty dialogue between the two main characters and her honest portrayal of life between the classes during that time period! It was really interesting to read about the Newgate Prison and how prisoners were treated, as well as how some were released at the crown's whim. A great romance with historical elements and diverse characters made for a fascinating book!

Quinn Wentworth is in prison and scheduled to be hung for manslaughter, a crime he did not commit. And when given the opportunity to do something good before his death, he marries the widowed, pregnant daughter of the prison's visiting preacher. A kind young woman who only wants her freedom from her virtue-signaling father, Jane Winston is grateful for Quinn's generosity. Fully expecting him to be dead within the next few days, she is astonished and overjoyed when he shows up on her doorstep alive and well. Presented with a last-minute pardon accompanied by a new ducal state of affairs, Jane is now a duchess and things are about to get a lot more complicated.

I wavered a bit on rating this book, because while I liked the historical detail and the characters as individuals, the romance was a bit lukewarm for my taste. I felt like they fell into the role of husband and wife almost too easily, and they were too comfortable with each other too quickly. I like a bit more angst in my romance, a bit more trial and error. That being said, when looking at it objectively, it was really a very well-written relationship and one not often seen in historical romances. Jane and Quinn Perfectly, really. I loved how Jane was so practical and kind towards Quinn, and she was so judgment-free when it came to the people around her. She really just wanted to live her life on her terms. Quinn was in a bit of a daze for part of the book, as he went from being on the verge of death to then being a free man with a title. It was great seeing him come out of his shell and develop a fondness for Jane, which eventually turned into a stronger emotion. As a couple, they worked really well together, and given the circumstances, they were truly fortunate.

I am eager to read more about the Wentworth family, so I hope to read the next book in the series soon! Grace Burrowes is in her element with this series and is sure to continue with entertaining stories for Quinn's siblings.

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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