BOOK REVIEW: Dragonfire by Donna Grant

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Donna Grant continues to be a solid go-to author for me! Each book in the Dark Kings series has been entertaining and makes me eager for the next book. And my eagerness increases with each new book, as I'm desperate to read more of the other characters. This book delivered the next entry in a complicated story, in a way that helps new and returning readers understand the series history easily. Very well done, considering it gets more complex with each new book. A legend among her people is more embedded in Sabina Gabor's future than she could have ever imagined. Separated from her Romani family as a young girl, Sabina was raised by her mother alongside her stepfather and brother in Romania. Now the sole caretaker of her sweet, childlike brother, Sabina lives in relative seclusion. Until, that is, the arrival of two strange men upend her world. Roman is accompanying his fellow Dragon King, V, in the search for his stolen sword. When they come across Sabina and her brother, they realize that they may be the key to finding the sword. If only Roman can convince Sabina to help them. Sabina was a really interesting character, giving insight into the Romani culture and providing a strong female lead for an equally strong make lead. She was super independent and protective of her brother, which made me like her immediately. I also loved her compassion from an early age regarding the dragons, and it shine brightly as an adult. Roman was a very strong character as well, with a calming personality and gentle ways, which really helped when first meeting Sabina. He never took away her independence, which I loved, and he encouraged her to face her fears. It was a great relationship to experience throughout the book. I eagerly await the next book in the series! It's sure to be just as exciting and enlightening as this one. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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