Book Review: The Viscount's Promise by Christina Britton

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There is something about Christina Britton's writing that speaks to me on a soul-deep level, and I can't help but put this book on my list of favorite books for the year! Her first book, With Love In Sight, was on my list earlier this year, so it is no surprise that her second book makes it there again. I love how real her stories are and how genuine and flawed the characters, even while keeping the magic of romance and redemption alive. The secondary characters are colorful as well, and the author puts a lot of effort into creating a storyline that allows for you to fall in love not just with the two main characters but also their family and friends. Fantastic book with beautifully written romance and characters! Lady Emily Masters and Malcolm Arborn, Viscount Morley, have known each other for years. Having known each other as children, they have a history, but Malcolm hasn't seen Emily since the day of the accident that left her twin brother dead and her with a terrible scar on her face. Recently reconciled with her brother, Malcolm is asked to help Emily become comfortable with society. Not understanding why she would need his help, Malcolm attends her brother's wedding and sees her insecurity firsthand. Emily has allowed her scar to keep her in the shadows these last ten years, and seeing Malcolm again has stirred up longings she didn't know still existed. But he is hardened, bitter from a love gone wrong, and she is too caught up in her own flaws to realize that what they both desperately need right now is each other. I love, love, LOVED Emily and Malcolm! At first, Malcolm came across as very bitter, and I felt that he would be difficult to redeem within the story. But along with Emily, I realized that his method for helping Emily was a bit of tough love, and as she grew more confident, Malcolm realized that his love for her was as strong as ever. Even though he had a history with another woman and that caused many doubts in his mind, his relationship with Emily was healing and allowed him to open his heart once more. What was frustrating was when he chose not to communicate to her what his history was with this woman, and it led to many instances of misunderstanding and hurt for the both of them. After so much of the book was spent building them up, my heart hurt at watching them lose faith in their love for each other. Both went through emotional journeys to get to the end, but once they arrived, it was a lovely beginning to a beautiful happily ever after. I cannot wait to see what is next with Christina Britton's writing! I remain amazed at her storytelling and her way of creating characters that touch her readers' hearts. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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