Book Review: Lionheart by Thea Harrison

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This was a fantastic entry in the Moonshadow series and completely captured my heart! With a slight feeling of Beauty and the Beast, this story picks up where the last left off when Morgan breaks free of Isabeau's control, and the Dark Fae focus turns to saving their king, Oberon, who has been in a deep sleep for 15 years. We get to see a lot characters we know and love, and we meet new ones as well. Puck has a bigger role in this story than the last, and it's lovely to see how his character grows over time. Each book reveals a little more about him.

Oberon, king of the Dark Fae, has been causing catastrophe his world. In a deep sleep for 15 years after an assassination attempt went awry, he hovers on the brink of death, all the while wreaking havoc on his people and devastating his lands with powerful weather patterns. Dr. Kathryn Shaw, a wyr who shape shifts into a falcon, is called upon to assist in healing Oberon so that he can be woken and end the damage to the land. Upon arriving, she realizes his condition is more severe than she believed, and it's possible she can't heal him at all. And with each passing minute, the needle hovering near his heart sinks closer and closer, and that could mean the end for Oberon and his kingdom.

Oberon and Kathryn were a well-matched couple! I loved listening to them banter and flirt, even when Oberon was afflicted by the needle near his heart. Even then, when he was cold towards everyone and everything, he felt affection for Kathryn. Their relationship only grew stronger over time, and I enjoyed seeing where Thea Harrison took things as the story progressed. Kathryn remained strong, even when Oberon pressured her and things escalated quickly. They were a force to be reckoned with once together, and of the three books in the series, they were definitely my favorite couple.

If there are more books to come in this series, I am very excited! I anticipate a wild ride and can't wait to see which couple will be featured next.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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