Book Review: Blood Bond by Shannon K. Butcher

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I can't express to you my excitement when I heard Shannon K. Butcher was releasing a new book for the Sentinel Wars series! I have loved these books for so long, and I have been eagerly waiting for the next chapter in the characters' lives. Shannon delivered a book that far surpassed my expectations and has me begging for more of this fantastic world she has created! Some of her books have focused on the Theronai, which are the immortal warriors of the world that protect humans from the evil Synestryn. Other books focus on the Sanguinar, a race of beings that require blood to survive, and this book centered around one of them. The Sanguinar and the Theronai are intimately connected and need each other in order to avoid the extinction of their races, so readers always get a glimpse of both in each book within this series. It was so much fun seeing old characters and where their lives have taken them. Justice is slowly going mad with the voice in her head, compelling her to do things that range from very good to very, very bad. When it compels her to rescue a young girl and take her someplace safe, the one name her mind keeps going to is the one being who scares her the most - Ronan. Ronan is a Sanguinar, and the last time he saw Justice, she ran from him in fear after he brutally took her blood. He may have been starving at the time, but he is guilt-ridden over his mistreatment of her. When he finds her wounded with a girl who bears the Theronai marking, he takes both to Dabyr for safety. Justice is still leery of Ronan and only wants to avoid more pain in her life. Ronan must work to earn Justice's trust or else they both will suffer as the Synestryn gain more power over their world. Justice was a strong, independent heroine that I liked immediately! She may have been compelled to do things she wasn't comfortable with but she also didn't let that compulsion guide her internal drive to do good. She had an innate sense of justice, fitting with her adopted name, and her behavior was ultimately backed by a personality of genuine kindness. Her interactions with Ronan were frustrating at first, but as she got to know him and his world, she realized how important he was to her. Ronan was a complex character who was at conflict with himself often - I could tell that he didn't always like doing what he had to do in order to survive, but he also knew that some things were more important than his own discomfort. His connection with Justice and his drive to heal her was very intense, and it really solidified their relationship early on, even with Justice protesting all the while. Everything they both did was to protect the other, and I liked seeing how it all played out. The tenth book in the Sentinel Wars series is not to be missed! I would recommend that you read the previous books in order to best appreciate this one, as there is a lot of background information that helps explain characters and history in this book. But even if you want to start here, I can guarantee you that it will be an enjoyable read! **I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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