Book Review: Don't Close Your Eyes by Christie Craig

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Talk about a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat! If I was prone to nail biting, my nails would be ragged by the time I finished reading this book. There was so much action and mystery buried in the story that I sometimes found it difficult to keep up with the pace! Which is not a bad thing, I just clearly need to up my reading game. I enjoyed the different characters, seeing family dynamic come to life out there for everyone to see, and the backstories of the other characters left me intrigued to see where the series will go next.

Annie Lakes is remembering. Ever since childhood, she has been traumatized by nightmares that seem like memories but her family swears they're just a figment of her imagination. Now that her father has passed and her mother is once again brought into the not-so-loving arms of her family, Annie is confronted with the reality that her family may have dark secrets. Secrets they would prefer to be left buried. After one particularly nasty encounter, Annie realizes that she needs to investigate her nightmares further to determine if they are actually shadows of a long-buried horror story. And she knows exactly who she can ask - Detective Mark Sutton. Mark is known for being able to solve cold cases, and his own dark past makes him pursue justice relentlessly. He thinks Annie might be first. But when her memories begin to paint a dark picture, he can't ignore the fact that she may be the key to solving a crime left unsolved for more than 20 years.

Mark and Annie were a very tumultuous couple, and I think that's what made them so intriguing! Although I enjoyed how their relationship grew, I do have to say there was quite a bit of frustration on my end that Mark kept going back and forth between thinking Annie was crazy and thinking she was sane. I was frustrated that the trust between them was very slow in coming, and while I understood the reasons, it was difficult for me to get past. About 2/3 of the way through the book, I would expect that trust to be pretty solid, but sadly, it wasn't. Even though Annie seemed like she would be the person in the relationship to have the most "baggage," I felt that Mark had just as much, if not more. Annie really had to go through a lot of the book on her own, because Mark wasn't trusting her or he ranked her lower in priority compared to other things in his life.

The romance aside, this book gets five stars for the murder mystery! I love when I can't figure out the culprit until the very end, and the family dynamics Annie had to deal with left me reeling. It's always interesting to see how authors will write about families, and I think this one in particular was very well written. Mark's colleagues were also interesting to me, and I can't wait to read about Juan next. It's sure to be just as thrilling!

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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