Book Review: The Secret She Keeps: Four Paranormal Romance Stories

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This is an amazing anthology where each story is so unique and beautiful in its own way! I'll touch on each one briefly to give you a small synopsis as well as my impressions.

SHADOW OF TRUTH - Shannon K. Butcher

What would you do if an imaginary friend from your childhood appears before you in the flesh? Winnifred Archer meets hers in a coffee shop and soon learns that he is a Theronai warrior. Not only that but she may be the key to his salvation. So much pressure! I enjoyed this couple a lot, in particular because there was such an interesting history between them. I wanted even more, but with novellas everything has to be condensed. Regardless, I loved it and am aching for more of the Sentinel Wars series.

BADASS BEAR - Kathy Lyons

A paraplegic businessman and a quirky flight attendant are the best of friends. But he wants out of the friend zone. When the city's water is poisoned and he unknowingly drinks it, something strange happens. And it will take the both of them to make sure he survives. This was a difficult storyline to understand for a while - the heroine is asexual, which threw a wrench into things and made me wonder how the author would pull off a romance with this couple. However, I got really invested in them both as the story progressed and was so happy when they got their happy ending!

NOWHERE TO HIDE - Terri L. Austin

A girl on the run with hidden magic and a man on the hunt who is determined to find her. When Hailey Evans is attacked by one man and saved by another, she realizes her cover is blown. But her survival now depends on her staying with her rescuer, Vane Aldridge, and they must work together to defeat a common enemy. It was a bit difficult to get into this one at first, as the chemistry was a bit iffy for me. I enjoyed their partnering together though, and Hailey's strength and wit saved the day for me. She was an amazing heroine! I would have loved to have read this as a full-length, as I think they were a couple who needed it.


Childhood friends split apart by tragedy, Dex Hamilton and Lark Florence are stunned to be in the same room together ten years later. Now adults and virtual strangers, they have no choice but to stick together. Someone is hunting them both, and time is running out to stop him. This was a powerful story and really engaged me from start to finish! I loved their backstory, and Anna Argent did a great job putting a lot of information into a novella without making it feel rushed. This is definitely an author I will be reading more of.

**I received a free copy from the authors and this is my honest review.**

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