Book Review: Darkest Night by Megan Erickson

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This book delved into a lot of deep issues, which is what made it both a great read and a difficult read. Megan Erickson did a superb job touching on issues that are sensitive with respect and showing the perspective of the heroine as a fighter, not a victim. Many times in these situations, the author will make the heroine a damsel in distress who is unable to save herself, but in this instance, Megan allowed the hero to partner with the heroine rather than save the day. Two thumbs up for that! Fiona Madden has been running for ten years. Kidnapped in college and sexually assaulted, she is terrified of being found by her tormentors. Except for her dog, Sundance, she is all alone. Jock Bosh has been watching her. Hidden away in a nearby apartment, he monitors her movements and makes sure she is safe, all the while wondering what it would be like to truly know her. When her safety is compromised, and Jock must blow his cover and intervene, the two form an immediate bond. The past is coming back to haunt her, but this time Fiona is not alone. And she is ready to fight for her life. Fiona was a strong heroine who was easy to be inspired by, especially considering I don't think I would hold up as well under similar circumstances. She didn't fall right into Jock's hands as soon as things got tough but instead wanted to stay independent and save herself. It was really inspiring. Jock was the stubborn and silent type, and I loved his interactions with his teammates. Those scenes came later, but they really gave the reader a look deeper into his personality. His relationship with Fiona was complicated, and they had a lot of hurdles to get over, but in the end, they were perfect for each other. I was really happy to see their love as symbiotic, and their growth as a couple continue even after danger had passed. I continue to love Megan Erickson's writing and look forward to reading more! Her writing style and stories are always a pleasure to experience. **I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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