Book Review: Drakon Unchained by N.J. Walters

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If anyone out there is listening, I would like to put in a request for my own drakon. Please and thank you. These drakon males know how to treat a lady, let's just start there! Strong, honest, protective, and kind, they are the alpha males we all say we want but have a hard time finding. In this series, N.J. Walters has created a world of magic and crime, and the way it blends in with modern day is seamless. In a time when we are constantly talking about pharmaceutical companies going crazy with drug pricing and corporate giants putting profit over people, this book speaks to that in a way no other does. What if there was a medicine out there that could not only cure you of any illness and heal any wound, but it also could both stop and reverse the process of aging? Can you imagine the chaos caused, the amount of money paid, and what lengths a person would go to get it? In this case, the medicine is drakon blood, and the cost is both drakon and human lives. People will kill to get it, drakons will die to keep it, and the human mates of those drakons will be used to keep the captive drakons in line. Victoria Marshall knows the cost of dragon blood all too well. Cursed with the ability to see visions of the past and present she has no control over, she has tried to use her visions to locate a long-lost friend. Having met a dragon when she was a young girl, followed by his subsequent disappearance, she has been trying to find him for years. Now, two years after working for one of the leaders of the Knights of the Dragon, she know she is close. But now she gets the feeling that she is being watched, particularly after several unnerving encounters with the new Head of Security, Luther Henderson. Luther has felt a powerful attraction to Victoria from the first moment he met her. But he can't let her distract him his mission to find his missing parents. No matter how alluring she is, for all he knows, she could be the enemy. Dancing around each other as events play out, Victoria and Luther must decide if they are allies or enemies in the war around them. While I predicted where the story was going to go fairly early on, it did not take away from my enjoyment one bit! In fact, as everything fell into place and I realized I had guessed correctly about who Luther really was, I became even more excited to find out what happened next. Victoria was a cold person on the outside, trying to keep herself safe by showing no emotions to others, but inside she was in emotional turmoil. Orphaned and growing up alone, she was tired of watching the world go by, but she also knew that she had to find her friend before it was too late. She put others before herself, even if it meant she got hurt, and that endeared me to her within the first few chapters. Luther was a mystery at first, as he seemed to play the role within the organization well, but he also had way too much of a conscience for the Knights. I think they knew it too, but since he was so capable, it was looked over. I loved seeing how protective he was of Victoria, even when he didn't know her story, and once he realized she was a good person, he could let loose of his mask as well. Their love was a slow burn, but once it was allowed to fully ignite, it was so powerful to read about! Even if you haven't read other books in this series, I would definitely encourage you to jump right in with this one! It's almost a standalone in how it's written, and it will certainly ensure you read the other books immediately thereafter. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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