Book Review: Going Rogue by Chantal Fernando

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You all (amazing authors) need to stop setting the romance bar so freaking high. These men are going to be super hard to live up to for any future guy in my life. No joke. I knew Rogue from the first Cursed Ravens book, and even then he came across as a really impressive man who would make an excellent "hero" someday. Chantal Fernando exceeded my expectations with Rogue and then gave me a fantastic heroine to pair with him. Given how much I have been looking forward to Rogue's book, I was going to be very critical with whoever Chantal chose to pair with Rogue, but clearly there was nothing to worry about. Working in a nursing home has its ups and downs, but Zoe Kane can't help getting attached to each of the patients, even though none of them have a very happy ending. When one of her favorite patients' son, Rogue Kennedy, comes to visit, riding a motorcycle and blatantly parking in the staff-only lot, she begins to question what she did to deserve this. But when he turns on the charm and begins to court her as a friend first, her willpower begins to dissolve. Soon she's riding on the back of his bike and meeting his Cursed Ravens family, not to mention cleaning him up after a run-in with the police. Falling in love with the vice president of a motorcycle club wasn't what she had planned, but Zoe knows that once she's fallen, there is no going back. So now the question is, who do I gush about first? Both Zoe and Rogue were amazing characters with a lot of depth to them, and as a couple they were off the charts. Zoe was a generous person with a kind heart, and although she had a bad experience with a biker in the past, she couldn't help falling for Rogue. He made it really hard for her! A few things he did or showed that made me smile - (1) put out a cigarette when Zoe said it gave her a migraine, (2) his hyperfocus on Zoe's happiness and proving to her that he cares about her, and (3) his willingness to publicly admit when he had messed up. On their own, these three things might seem small, but together they created the perfect boyfriend package in my mind. They show that Rogue cares about someone other than himself and doesn't mind letting it show to his friends. Zoe was a really strong partner for him and exactly what he needed. While he could have gone with any of the many girls who hung around the club, he instead went for the girl he had to work hard to get. She held her own not just with him but also with his MC family, and that couldn't have been easy for her! Thankfully she had good training from hanging out with her sister all these years. I can't wait to see her in a future book! Once again Chantal Fernando has written a fantastic book that made my heart pitter-patter! I am eager to read what's next in the series. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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