Book Review: Dark Alpha's Hunger by Donna Grant

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This was another great entry into the Reaper series! I am always amazed at how well Donna Grant ties in this series with the Dark Kings series, all the while keeping all the characters straight for the readers. I usually have a tough time with books that have so much going on, but even though I haven't read every book in the series, Donna makes sure to subtly go back over what has happened in the previous books so that you can catch up without having to read every single one. I'm not always interested in the couples of each book, and I love when an author takes that into account for readers who want to cherry pick the books in a series. If you have read the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, it's on par with that type of recap, although Donna Grant does it with even more characters and multiple backstories!

Twenty-five years ago, Thea Keegan was drawn to the portal stones in Kilkenny, Ireland, unknowing as to why or how. Now that she's older, she continues to return to solve the mystery of why the stones call to her. As she begins to play her violin beside the stones, her music calls to a trapped being in another realm, and when he reaches out through the stones to her, she pulls him to safety and herself into a world unlike any she has known before. When Eoghan hears the music call to him, he feels a desperate urge to reach it, and upon being saved, he is astonished to find that the music belongs to a Halfling - half-fae and half-human - who doesn't know what she is. As her past becomes clearer, so does her safety become less so, and Eoghan and Thea find themselves running from an unknown enemy who seeks to possess Thea. The truth has never been so cruel.

Thea and Eoghan were an intriguing couple for me, as it was a bit of insta-lust but without the immediate sex factor. They got to know each other on a personal level, although the author didn't develop this as much as I would like. Because so much is happening in the background, I felt like the romance was not as emphasized as it could be. For fantasy fans, this is probably just your cup of tea, but for romance fans, you might find yourself wishing for a bit more. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and the main characters as they sought to find out the truth of Thea's background. I found it interesting how Thea retained her willpower even in the face of a horrible truth, and Eoghan was there for her as much as he could be. Thea had to do for herself a few times, until Eoghan could make an appearance, which allowed the reader to see her personal development and learn her better as a character. Eoghan was a strong partner for her, but I felt his strength was in his physical body and hers was in her enduring spirit.

I am excited to see where the series takes us next, as well as it's companion series, the Dark Kings! Highly recommend both to any readers who like a good dose of romance with their fantasy.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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