Book Review: Alien Intention by Cara Bristol


I absolutely adore this series! Each book is such a pleasure to read, with new alien culture controversy and romantic tension, and Cara Bristol makes the world seem more human with each book. This book centered around the "villain" of the previous book, so I thought it was interesting to read about his redemption. He wasn't such a bad guy that it was impossible, but I was certainly anticipating a rocky road ahead of him, which the author delivered. It was great to his side of the story after only seeing one side of things before.

After her son finally received his life-saving heart operation, Stormy Weathers is ready to find everlasting love through the Terra-Dakon Goodwill Exchange Program. With just a few personal belongings and her son along for the ride, Stormy is determined that she will find the right guy after having made several bad choices in men on Earth. Upon arrival, all the women are created by the 100 lucky Dakonian males who were chosen to receive a mate. Although her sister, Sunny, has the perfect male lined up, Stormy’s attention is captivated by only one Dakonian in the room – Romando. Of course, she doesn’t realize that the man of her dreams is the man of her sister’s nightmares, since he was the one who kidnapped Sunny last year. Both Stormy and Romando are instantly drawn to each other, but through the mate selection process, they each end up with other mates instead. Now they have to learn to survive without each other, or else Romando will cause yet another scandal that could lead to banishment this time.

The insta-lust these two experienced had me rooting for them from the very beginning! It was so cute how they had eyes only for each other, and although Stormy eventually learned of Romando’s history with her sister, she chose to understand the nature of what happened from an outsider perspective. Let’s be honest – Darq had stolen Romando’s chip that would have allowed Romando to have a mate, so although one wrong doesn’t make a right, I can understand why events played out the way they did. Romando was childish in his actions…but so was Darq. And Romando realized he was wrong and understood that what he did should never be repeated. His maturity showed itself well in this book, as he tried to not let temptation drive his actions. Thankfully, as this is a romance with a HEA, Stormy and Romando don’t stay apart for long. I liked how she stood by her man and didn’t let the other males boss her around. Standing up to her sister was also a win for her in my book! That took a lot of courage.

As always, I can’t wait to read the next book written by Cara Bristol! She has definitely made the alien subgenre a must for me in my reading list.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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