Book Review: Wanting You by Leslie A. Kelly

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This kind of story is like my catnip - I can't get enough of it, and every time I find a book like this, I swoon just a little. It's got just about everything I like in contemporary romances - murder mystery, hot guy in a uniform, damsel in distress (who can actually kick butt too, but still), and romantic tension. The story centers around the romance, but it also has a major focus on Hollywood's darker side, the abuse of power in law enforcement, and murders left unsolved. It's always great to read a story with so many other elements to learn from. Evie Fleming is a nonfiction writer, who has focused on murders and cold cases ever since her friend and roommate was murdered by a serial killer. Having discovered who the murderer was and sending him to jail, she has become famous, and so have her books. Her newest book is going to focus on murders in Los Angeles, so she has traveled to LA to research. But she has a secondary purpose to her visit to LA, one that has a much darker and dangerous intent, and when she is assaulted by a man on the street and saved by Detective Rowan Winchester, things get a little complicated. Rowan used to be a child actor, but after his sister was murdered, he left the limelight and joined law enforcement instead. His past is murky and not one he wants to relive, but that's exactly what Evie wants to talk to him about. As they grow closer, he tries to keep his distance, but as her safety continues to be compromised, he realizes that distance is not what he wants at all. Evie and Rowan were definitely a couple a girl can get behind. Evie was smart, determined, and could hold her own in tough situations. Rowan was clever, protective, and kind, even when he had reason to be angry with Evie. She initially irritated me, as her journalistic instincts caused her to take a while to finally abide by Rowan's wishes. She wouldn't come right out and say, "Oh, I understand that it would hurt you, Rowan, so I won't do it." Instead, it took several chapters in the book before she recognized how her actions could hurt him. I didn't particularly like that side of her. Other than that, though, once they found a common purpose and stuck with it, their relationship really blossomed. They grew closer together and found strength in each other, which is exactly what I like to see in romance novels. This is my first book by Leslie Kelly, and she has got me hooked on her books! I can't wait to see what she writes next. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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