Book Review: Assassin Games by Sidney Bristol

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What an action-packed book! I don't typically read romances that involve so much edge-of-your-seat scenes, where you're wondering who's going to get shot next. That's definitely what I got in this book! While the romance took a bit of a back seat for me, with all the action going on around the characters, I still enjoyed reading both pieces - the romance and the crime thriller. Sidney Bristol brought a lot of intriguing aspects to the plot, like CIA conspiracies and hit men, that livened it up and made for a really unique read.

Anderson Gratney kills on command...usually. Hired out as a private contractor for the CIA, he takes care of bad people who need to be taken out. But he only takes out the targets he believes deserves death, and Carol Sark is not one of them. Carol has been helping Andy's small group of coworkers figure out who has been selling their secrets and causing people to die, but she has been discovered and now has a price on her head. Pretending to take on the task of her murder, Andy kidnaps Carol and takes her to a remote location in Switzerland until the real suspects can be found. But he doesn't anticipate developing an intimate relationship with Carol, and when their close quarters makes it impossible to resist, Andy now needs to decide between his current life and what a life with Carol could look like.

The two characters had a lot of depth to them, which made them very realistic but also very hard to read for me as a reader. Neither characters was particularly likable from the start, but as time went on, I began to bond with Andy and Carol. Andy is a dark character, as he kills people for a living, and it's hard to get romantic when there is literally blood on his hands at several points in this book. But his relationship with Carol shows another side to him that you wish would come out a bit more - his love for Carol gives him a human aspect that he is usually careful to keep under wraps. Their romance is slow in developing but has layers to it that romance books may often gloss over to avoid conflict. Instead we see it all as readers, and that's definitely something to cheer about.

If you like crime thrillers and government conspiracy stories, you'll definitely like this book! With a side of romance and a dash of mystery, you'll love where the story takes you.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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