Book Review: Sweet Home Highland Christmas by May McGoldrick

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Here's the funny thing about my reviewing this book - I didn't even realize I had read it already! I just saw the name May McGoldrick and automatically went "Hell yes, where do I sign up?" I love this author's books, not only because the writing is amazing but also because she includes so much history in her books. I love learning more about the time period, the wars going on, how marriages were made - it's all so interesting to me! May introduces some great historical events that tie really well with the plot and doesn't make it super complicated. That is a great storyteller! The last person Gregory Pennington is expecting to escort to his family home for the holidays is a precocious 5-year-old who looks like a child but speaks with more wisdom than most adults. Let alone her aunt, Freya Sutherland, who takes his breath away the moment he sees her. Expecting to marry her cousin in order to gain custody of her orphaned niece, Freya is at the end of her rope. Willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary, she now finds herself torn between the life, and the man, she wants and securing her niece's future. If only there were a way for her to have both love and security... I have said this before and I will say it again - when the child in the story grabs my heart, you know it's a good book. Because typically, I feel children can put a damper on the romance, and I stay far, far away. But in this case, she really was the cherry on top of this delicious treat of a story. Her humorous dialogue with both Gregory and Freya was hysterical, and I wanted to read more about her. I loved Freya and Gregory, of course, as their characters had instant chemistry. Both had such kind hearts, and you could tell that they were drawn to each other from the start. The fact that Freya was willing to do anything for her niece provided just the right amount of conflict, and Gregory worked hard to help her achieve everything she wanted, including love. As always, May McGoldrick impresses with a delightfully charming story full of history. I can't wait to read what's next for the Pennington family! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review**

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