Book Review: More Than Words by Mia Sheridan

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The feelings running through me right now are indescribable. Truly. I was so moved by this book, its characters, the history threaded throughout the story, and the lessons learned by the end. Having never read a book by Mia Sheridan, I wasn't sure what to expect, but now I know - perfection. There is not one thing I would change about this story if I could, because each thing that drew out an emotion made it better and better. When the characters made me laugh, cry, growl in frustration, and sigh with happiness; these were all times when the book made an indelible impression on my heart. Jessica Cresswell lost her prince ten years ago, when he kissed her and then left her. Now he is back in her life, broken and alone, and it's like her heart has picked up where they left off all those years ago. Callen Hayes is a world-famous composer and playboy. Known for his music and his one-night stands, he gets through each night with alcohol or sex - usually both. When he comes face-to-face with the girl from his past, he wishes he was worthy of her pure, innocent spirit. But he knows that what he has become is beyond her ability to heal, no matter how much Jessie wishes she could. They will come together one more time, join their two worlds, and then part. That's all they can ever be - longing, hopes, and dreams of a love that was never meant to be. Because life is not a fairytale and love is not always a happy ending. Jessie and Callen were amazing together. I loved the hint of a backstory we got with them both as children and getting an idea of what their childhoods were like. Neither had it perfect - Callen's father beat him and Jessie's father cheated on her mother constantly. Both wanted an escape and they found it in each other. When Callen disappeared after their first kiss, Jessie assumed he didn't want her anymore, but when he came back into her life, she lit up and so did he. It's like Callen was in the darkness for all those years, and Jessie was the light that both scared him and gave him hope. While Callen seemed at first to be too far gone, and even Jessie was ready to give up on him, it ended up being that Callen just needed the right incentive to change his life. Jessie gave him that, at least for a while. Their romance was fast but it was so sweet. It's a love that I think everyone hopes they feel for the person they are meant to be with, though perhaps we would want it without all the accompanying angst. Jessie was worth fight for and so was Callen, and it was lovely to see that they both understood that. This will definitely not be the last book I read by Mia Sheridan! It was a delight to read and enjoy the characters, and I especially loved the Joan of Arc story. It adds an extra sparkle to an already dazzling story. Brava, Mia! **I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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