Book Review: Six Weeks With A Lord by Eve Pendle

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If you aren't usually into the marriage of convenience trope, this marriage of convenience will change your mind! Eve Pendle does a marvelous job of making the two characters shine in this story, even though both are deceiving the other. To give you an idea of why I think this book will knock your socks off, consider this: some of my biggest pet peeves in books are deception and insta-lust, both of which happen to varying extents in Six Weeks With A Lord. However, they are done in such a way that it's not only realistic but also relatable. I felt like anyone could easily find themselves in either the hero's or the heroine's shoes, and would we make the same choices? I guess that's for you to decide. Miss Grace Alnott is left without an inheritance and a dowry payable only upon marriage to a titled gentleman. Having turned down the man her father wanted her to marry, Grace must now find a way to save her little brother from said man's clutches by finding a fortune hunter willing to give up half her dowry. That money she can use to gain custody of her brother. Everett Hetherington, Earl of Westbury, is exactly the man she needs. Everett lives in the country, desperately trying to help the farmers on his land and pay off his late brother's gambling debts. Seeing an opportunity to wed not just for the money but also for the company of a beautiful woman, he accepts Grace's proposition to give her half of her dowry. With a few conditions - she must stay with him for six weeks, pretend to all that they are in love, and give him any child they may produce from any misguided liaisons. And he intends to make sure a liaison happens, so that she'll stay, and he can use the entirety of her dowry to save his estate. Now all he has to do is seduce her. I know. Seduce a woman desperate to save her brother all so he can get his hands on her money? Sounds a bit awful, to be honest. But you find out as you read his reasons, and since she kept her real need for the money from him, Grace and Everett had a big lack of communication that caused a lot of their issues. I liked how sincerely kind Everett was, and even though he intended to seduce her, he felt bad about it and genuinely liked Grace. While Grace tried to resist Everett, she found herself being more and more drawn to Everett, despite knowing that their time was limited and she had to focus on saving her brother. Everett had a lot of stupid moments, and for a time I thought maybe Grace would give in to temptation too quickly. But their love really draws out for majority of the book, so you feel her trepidation and go through everything with her. It was a really great pacing for the story. Eve Pendle has a way with words, and I'm sure any book she writes next will be equally wonderful! I can't wait to read it. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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