Book Review: More Than Meets the Eye by Karen Witemeyer

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Each time I read a Karen Witemeyer novel, I feel so blessed. Her storytelling remains in the top five of all romance authors I read on a regular basis, and even though she has a lot of books published now, each story remains unique and inspiring. I never feel like elements are repeated orr that characters are predictable. This story was perhaps my favorite of all she has written for both its embrace of flawed characters and its portrayal of humble forgiveness. I identified with both hero and heroine, and I felt instantly bonded to the heroine's family, which seems to be a trend with Karen Witemeyer books. She makes you want to jump inside the pages of the book and live there alongside the characters. Evangeline Hamilton lives in virtual isolation with her two brothers, heckled for her mismatched eyes and unable to socialize with the people her age in town. But that hasn't kept her spirits down, and her shining optimism gets her through each day. When she notices there is a stranger on the property next door, she goes to investigate, and she finds herself rescued by a scarred man with a hidden past. Logan Fowler has been waiting for seven years to get justice for his father's death, and he believes Evangeline's eldest brother is responsible. Now all he has to do is win her trust to get information. The only trouble is that while he might be gaining her trust, he's also losing his heart, and things soon become more complicated than he could have expected. Eva was an absolute delight! From her generosity towards others to her ability to look past a person's exterior to the heart within, she was a woman without a flaw. Except, that is, for her "demon" eyes, which I felt instantly angry about. The way the townspeople treated her was awful, but I also recognize that it wasn't farfetched during that time to view differences with contempt rather than understanding. Science wasn't advanced back then, so someone with one blue eye and one brown eye would be viewed as afflicted rather than just another person. Personally, I think people with eyes such as these have the prettiest eyes out there. And clearly, Logan shared my view, because as soon as he saw her eyes and experienced her bubbly personality, he fell for her. His part in the story was a little hard for me at first, as I never like to see the hero deceive through seduction. I wondered how the author would pull this off in a Christian romance, but she did a wonderful job! Logan may have had dishonest intentions initially, but his attraction to Eva proved stronger, and soon his game was no longer a game at all. I hope Eva's brother, Zach, gets a story next! I would have liked a book dedicated to her brother, Seth, as well, but it seems that his tale was told within this one. So I'll settle for brooding, gruff Zach - everyone likes tall, dark, and handsome, right? **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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