Book Review: Fatal Infatuation by Melanie Nowak

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This New Adult romance of a vampire and human love affair definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat! I really enjoyed the author's writing style, and while this particular edition has all three parts in one book, I read it in three parts as individual novellas. I think this made it even more exciting, as it stopped each part right when you want to keep going. One particular thing I enjoyed was that you had a cast of secondary characters that were really important to the story, so while the focus was on the two main characters, you also wanted to know about the rest as well. What's going to happen to Ben? What is Alyson hiding? How did Sindy get to be so evil?

Felicity recently moved to the small town in upstate New York to attend college, and working part-time at a local bookstore has led to new friends and experiences. But when she has to leave late at night and walk back to her dorm room, she realizes that there is more to this small town than just the college. At night, the town has more than just college students roaming the streets. After being saved from a group of crazy teenagers, she learns the town is inhabited by vampires, and the man who saved her? He's a vampire, too. Cain doesn't drink blood from humans though, preferring animal blood than risking such an intimate interaction with a person. His strength is tested when his relationship with Felicity grows stronger, and her welfare may depend on his ability to control not only the other vampires but also himself.

Cain and Felicity were an engaging couple, with a lot of great conversations and fun interactions as they get to know each other. When Felicity finds out that Cain is a vampire, it seems like maybe their relationship won't continue to grow (and at this point, I thought maybe Ben, her friend, would be better for her anyway). However, she comes to realize that a guy who would save her and her friends, even knowing how they feel about vampires, can't be that bad. Her attraction to him can't be denied, and Cain has a hard time staying away. As the story progressed, I became more and more invested in their relationship, and even though I remain on Team Ben, I also completely understand those who are Team Cain. Who can resist a guy like that?

The series continues with two more books, and I will definitely have those on my to-be-read list soon!

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