Book Review: Alien Attraction by Cara Bristol

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Alien romances aren't my typical go-to genre, although I have to say that in recent years I have read a number of really excellent books with an alien as the hero. This book is no exception to that trend whatsoever, and I am once again eager to read more books by Cara Bristol! She does an amazing job of worldbuilding, creating realistic and intriguing characters, and the romance is very sweet. I was a bit apprehensive considering the heroine's occupation, and I was worried the secret she kept would drag the story down too much for me to enjoy. One of my biggest pet peeves in romance is when a lie between the two main characters is dragged out for too long. However, the way it was written in Alien Attraction made it totally bearable, and I loved how the heroine kept trying to tell the hero the truth. Thwarted time and time again! Lots of humor all around. Sunny Weathers is in a bind. Threatened with the loss of her tv show contract and faced with her nephew's need for a mechanical heart, she is forced into deceiving an innocent Dakon male into taking her as his bride. Resistant at first but desperate to save her nephew's life, she agrees to marry him for one year and keep the fact that their relationship will be televised a secret. However, things become even harder when she realizes how easy it would be to fall in love with her alien mate, Darq. Now she wants to tell him the truth, but as tiny cameras zoom around filming and watching her every move, she must be careful that she reveals the truth without risking her contract and therefore her nephew's life. Sunny and Darq were a really cute couple, and they almost beat the first book's couple in terms of compatibility. I really enjoyed that they both kept secrets from each other as well, as it made their interactions humorous as both tried desperately not to let the other know. Darq was a sweetheart, so it was easy to like him as a character. He genuinely cared for Sunny and went slow with their relationship, even though he wanted her love so much. Sunny almost instantly fell for Darq, and she fought her feelings so much in the beginning. Her character was really kind and generous at heart, so you were rooting for her every time she broke one of the tv show cameras. Fun preview - Darq thought the cameras were insects and "killed" them for her. Her hero! I am so excited to read the next book in the series, which I assume will feature Sunny's sister. It should be interesting to see how she interacts with her mate, given his history with Sunny (you'll see why once you've read Book 2). Can't wait to read it! **I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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