Book Review: The Hellion by Christi Caldwell

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What else is there to say about Christi Caldwell except to say... She is literally unparalleled in her genre. Hands down, no competition, the fact that she was recently nominated for a RITA is no surprise to this die-hard fan. If she doesn't win, it will be an outrage. She is one of those authors that, if I hear someone say that don't know who she is, I will literally pull up her website and show them her books. It's unacceptable for any historical romance reader not to be aware of this spectacularly talented woman. Okay, now that I have stopped drooling over her (sorry, Christi), let's get to her latest FIVE STAR book. I loved this book. I read it in a day. Started it before heading in to work, read it during my lunch break, and then devoured as soon as I got home. I was so involved with the characters, as I always am with a Christi Caldwell romance, and it's no wonder. She writes books that pull you apart emotionally, making you feel every emotion the characters feel, and I am forever amazed at how every character is unique. Even after writing so many books, she has yet to lose steam in creating multi-dimensional characters that are unlike any she's written before. The Killorans are the sworn enemies of the Black brothers. But when Cleopatra Killoran saves the life of the wife of one of the brothers, there is a debt to be paid in the amount of one season to catch a titled husband. While Cleo has no interest in the nobility, she knows that her marriage into it would bring power to her family and enable them to survive any hardship the future brings. Her entry into the Black household, however, immediately causes friction, and her guard likes her least of all. Adair Thorne blames Cleo for the ruination of his club, which was allegedly set on fire by her family, and he has no interest in helping her with anything. Although he is set against her, her behavior begins to counter every belief he's ever had about a Killoran. When he realizes his emotions have begun to change, he fights it, but sometimes love is more powerful than hate. Cleopatra and Adair were an extremely volatile couple. I mean, when Cleo arrived at the Black house, they ended up in a wrestling match within the first ten minutes. Cleo was not afraid to give it right back to Adair, whether it was a physical reaction or banter to grate his nerves. While this was done with no intention of enticing Adair, he actually felt drawn to her hellion ways. Her attitude intrigued him, and her past mirrored his in such a way as to give them a kinship where none might have been found otherwise. Both were under the influence of Diggory in the past, an evil character mentioned in previous books, and they bore mental and physical scars from the experience. Once they formed a friendship and got to know each other better, these shared life experiences and their straight talk with each other allowed the love to come quite easily. It was really nice to read a romance that wasn't such a quick fix. It took time for them to start trusting each other, and it created a stronger relationship in the end. Do I even really need to say it? I can't wait for the next book! I can't decide who I want to read about next. I'm leaning toward Gertrude, and I'm thinking Lord Landon will get a role in a future book as well. Just a guess. Definitely can't recommend this book enough - go read it now! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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