Book Review: Blood Veil by Megan Erickson

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Picking up where the second book left off, Blood Veil is an exciting continuation of the Mission series. Idris had a small, but important, role in the first book, so I was eager to learn more about him as a character and see where life takes him now that he would not be King. Megan Erickson certainly did not disappoint and provided greater depth to the world she began creating in Blood Guard, especially with the look inside the political dynamics of the rival Valarians. For those who love suspense in their romance, this book is chock full of it! Now that Idris Gregorie will no longer be king of the Gregorie clan, he has been tasked with monitoring the Valarian king's half-human daughter, Celia. Expecting to maintain his hatred for the Valarians and using it and Celia to further his revenge against the Valarians for their part in his family's past, he finds it harder with each passing day. Celia is nothing like he expected, and her kindness towards others has him rethinking his plan. When she is attacked, seemingly by Quellens hired by her own father, Idris has to speed up his plan and get closer to her than he anticipated. Will his mission remain the most important thing, or will his growing attraction to Celia change everything? Celia was a sweetheart of a heroine, making it very easy to feel a connection with her from the beginning. Abandoned at an orphanage, she's never known her mother or father, and she has grown up largely alone. She has become a nurse, making her a healer rather than the murderer Idris fully expects to find. It had a beauty taming the beast type of romance, in that Idris was so angry all the time and Celia was the only one who could take away his pain. It was sad at times, especially when Idris battled between his desire for revenge and his desire for Celia, and I wondered if their love could truly survive all of that. However, they were definitely a stronger couple than I initially expected, and I thought it was a great pairing. Beyond their relationship, I wanted to make a special mention of the humor Megan Erickson sprinkled throughout the book. Things like calling Idris a "human boulder" were especially funny, as I could just picture how he looked to humans when he was so much bigger than the average man. In addition, Celia's internal reaction to what happened to her as the story went along were great comic relief during tense moments. For example, when she has a coworker ask her out, she thinks the following: "Everything about him screamed nice. But people said Charles Manson and Ted Bundy were charming, too. See? There I went again. This was why I wasn't fun at parties." A great addition to the series, and I hope to see more soon! Megan Erickson is a wonderful storyteller and creates characters that stick with you for a long time after the story is finished. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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