Book Review: The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

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Once again, Simone St. James has written a story that captivates the reader from start to finish. She has a way of drawing the reader in with beautiful descriptions and realistic mysteries that would make anyone eager to read until the very end. Once you pick this book up, you will certainly have a hard time putting it down until you find out the ending. It's a haunting ghost story that centers around tragedy, betrayal, and what true justice really means. 60 years ago, four teenage girls are sent to a boarding school following tragedies in their lives. Bound together by their shared circumstances, they go through their days fighting to stay true to themselves in a world that would change them forever if it could. Until one day when one of them doesn't come home. In 2014, journalist Fiona Sheridan is still trying to process the murder of her sister 20 years earlier, found beaten and tossed aside like trash in the field of an abandoned boarding school. The school is set to be restored, and Fiona uses it as an excuse to learn more about her past. But she's not the only one interested in the school or what happened there, and she finds out that secrets have a way of being exposed from beyond the grave. This story really sent shivers up my spine from the very first page. Immediately the author draws you in with a young girl being chased in a dark forest, ending with a scream of terror. You don't truly find out what happened until the book is nearly finished, and that means you wait with bated breath as you read through each chapter, flipping between 1950 and 2014. There is a significant ghost element in the story, which reminded me strongly of the movie, The Ring. This just amped up the thrill factor for me, especially because this story is much more imaginative than the movie it reminded me of, in both its backstory and in the way the ghost haunts each person. She doesn't just haunt each person in the same way - she finds the one thing you fear the most and uses it to terrify you. She being the ghost, who ties everything together between the past and the present in one amazing display of ghost story writing by Simone St. James. I am never disappointed when I read her books, and I can happily say that I would recommend this book to anyone. It truly is an exciting book and one I will remember for a very long time. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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