Book Review: An Earl in Wolf's Clothing by Emily Windsor

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This was such an enjoyable book! I read it in a day and found myself laughing throughout the story. There were so many misunderstandings, and you want to yell in frustration while reading, but the characters were delightful and made it all worthwhile. Emily Windsor has a gift for creating characters you wish existed in real life. Abraham, the Earl of Kelmarsh, more commonly known as the Lazy Lord, is a spy. Miss Sophie Beckford, his former fiance, doesn't know it. Believing Bram to be unfaithful on the eve of their betrothal ball, Sophie flees the country in her grief, and Bram is unable to follow. One year later, Sophie has returned, and Bram is determined not to let her get away again. Thus ensues a comedy of errors for Bram and Sophie as they try to navigate their feelings, heal old wounds, and solve a mystery that could disrupt their renewed love forever. Bram and Sophie were wonderfully relatable characters, drawing me in with their inner monologues and keeping me entertained with their witty banter with each other and their friends. The cast of secondary characters was also a delight, particularly the two men who are sure to be the heroes of future books. I enjoyed Bram's persona and Sophie's obvious love for him in spite of his flaws, and I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't the poor narcoleptic lord who fell asleep at parties. However, his actual character was so dashing that I, along with Sophie, fell in love all over again. It was nice to see that their love was so strong, considering all of the obstacles in their path. I am so excited to have read this book and am eager to read the next in the series! Emily Windsor is sure to be a must-read author going forward, and her characters are ones you will never forget. **I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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