Book Review: Guardian's Bond by Rhenna Morgan

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Just the cover alone tells you that this book is going to be a very sensual read, and it definitely delivered on that promise! The chemistry between the two main characters was flying off the pages from the second they meet (which is unsurprising, given their connection), and the author does a great job of letting their relationship build. The tension makes it all the better in the end. A great new world to explore, courtesy of Rhenna Morgan! Kateri's parents are dead, her grandmother turns into a hawk on occasion, and her status as a single woman is now forever in the past. Meeting Priest, known as Eerikki to his people, has changed her life irrevocably, and Katy isn't sure it bothers her all that much. She is instantly connected to Priest, and his panther companion. Now she must come to terms with the fact that not only is she mated to the High Priest of her people but she is also something not quite human. She is a Volan and a rare one at that, and her place in her new world is about to be threatened. Between Katy and Priest, they must work together to defeat an enemy long though dead. The world was definitely intriguing, and although it was hard to grasp at times, I really enjoyed learning about the different houses of the Volan and the idea that they each had a companion animal meant for them. Not only does this animal live inside them, but they can become it at will. It was fun trying to guess what each character's animal was before it was announced - I didn't usually guess correctly! Kateri and Priest had a really interesting relationship, and I was glad the author didn't have them jump into bed right away. Instead Katy made him work for it, and he respected her wishes greatly. It was nice to read. The sexual elements of the book did get a bit too kinky for my tastes, but the author did it in a way that actually made their relationship much more appealing to the reader. It's hard to explain - guess you just have to read it to find out! This is the second book I have read by Rhenna Morgan, and once again she has delighted me! I am excited to read the next book in this series. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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