Book Review: Hearts Entwined by Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Regina Jennings, and Melissa Jagears

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I am so happy to have read these four lovely novellas by four wonderful Christian romance authors! Each one was romantic and emotional in its own way, and I had fun reading all of them. I mainly grabbed this book because I have loved every book Karen Witemeyer has written, and I knew I would love her novella. She has now also prompted me to check out the three ladies who joined her in creating Hearts Entwined. Below I'll do a brief blurb about each novella and what I thought. The Love Knot - Karen Witemeyer Having left her family behind in New York after terrible heartbreak, Claire Nevin receives a letter from one of her sisters, asking her to keep her trousseau safe while she fixes the trouble she is in. However, Claire finds out that her sister has entrusted her with something much more valuable, and it's delivered by none other than the man who broke her heart - Pieter van Duren. And he's a man on a mission to win back Claire's heart. I really enjoyed this story, especially the element of forgiveness and humility that both characters exhibited. It was a heartwarming story that will tug at your heart strings and make you believe that love can conquer anything. The Tangled Ties That Bind - Mary Connealy Connor Kincaid has loved his adopted cousin, Maggie, for years, but he left when he realized they both needed to grow up before he could ask for her hand. But now that Connor has returned, he learns that Maggie has moved on with her life, and there may not be a place for Connor anymore. This story is a testament to what we must do sometime for loves, and how those things can teach so much about ourselves and our love for one another. While I had a hard time connecting with the characters at times, I enjoyed seeing them grow and become closer throughout the story. Bound and Determined - Regina Jennings Private Bradley Willis never expected that his next assignment would be escorting a herd of camels for an office across Indian Territory - but that's exactly what he got! What makes it a bit sweeter though is the company of said officer's daughter, Ambrosia Herald, even if she is trying to sabotage the mission every step of the way. This was my favorite story of the four, for its humor and great storytelling. I really enjoyed every bit of it, especially how smitten they both were but tried not to show it. It was a really a cute story and brought a smile to my face. Tied and True - Melissa Jagears A wealthy socialite and a working class business assistant does not seem like a match made in heaven, at least not to Calvin Hochstetler. In love with Marianne Lister but sure that they could never get married, Calvin has tried to keep himself at a distance. But when Marianne declares her love and Calvin tells her it's impossible, she takes that as a challenge to prove him wrong. I liked this story in the end, but I was very frustrated for a lot of it. I understood the complications of the match, but I felt both parties were immature in how they handled it, which made the reading difficult at times. My favorite parts were mostly of Marianne working and seeing her interact with people. I liked her a lot. **I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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