Book Review: When the Stars Come Out by Laura Trentham

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I am excited to announce that this is my first Favorite Book of 2018, and it truly does deserve as much acclaim as it can get! This book brought out so many emotions, taught me lessons on forgiveness and love, and left me with inspiration to be a better person. I loved all of the characters, even the wayward brother Ford and the ex-boyfriend Derrick, because each of them had such a compelling story and brought a unique perspective to the story as a whole. It's one of those books where you can't help but become drawn into the lives of the characters and wish you could learn more about them. Willa Brown and Jackson Abbott have worked together for two years as employee and boss, and while Jackson has been blind to Willa's true feelings, Willa has been all too aware of his blindness toward her as a woman. Working in an all-male garage will do that for a woman, it seems. But Willa has a secret past that no one knows about and when Jackson realizes he may lose her, he finally begins to understand how important she really is to him. As he works to gain her trust, Willa begins to realize that she must confront her past if she is ever to have a future with Jackson. This is a story of love and redemption, with a hard-won happily ever after. Willa was an absolute sweetheart, which is why it made me tear up when her secret was revealed. She is incredibly generous, kind-hearted, and entirely undeserving of the mental flogging she has given herself all these years. Living in a trailer park, she doesn't have much, but that doesn't keep her from giving her free time to helping a poor librarian or feeding a stray dog with what little food she has on hand. Jackson was really her perfect match, and it was truly wonderful to see how he was so patient with Willa and tried so hard to earn her trust. He did make a pretty big mistake at one point, and I thought, oh gosh, here it comes, the big explosion. But Willa calmed down and understood him, and he realized he had made a mistake. A humble, patient hero, and a quiet, giving heroine - what more can a reader ask for? This is the first book I have read by this author, and when I saw it was the FIFTH book in the series, I was ecstatic! I love when I discover a book when the author already has several books written, because then I can go read the rest immediately and not have to wait until she publishes again. The next book in the series is sure to be amazing - it will be focused on Mack Abbott. I am eagerly anticipating that entry into the Cottonbloom series! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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