Book Review: Turquoise Mountain by Diane J. Reed

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I was extremely eager to read this book given the Native American focus and how rare that seems to be in the contemporary romance genre, and it did not disappoint! The main characters were entertaining, the cultural background fascinating, and the romance thrilling. I read it in one day, becoming so engrossed in the story that I had a hard time leaving it to do my day job. Sadly, my boss would probably not be happy if I explained my lack of progress was due to a really good book! Tessa Grove has finally kicked her pervert boss to the curb and struck out on her own. Having recently inherited an old mine from her grandfather, she sees a golden opportunity to finally fulfill her dream of running her own company designing jewelry. However, her starry-eyed vision of happiness is brutally shot down when a man living on the land surrounding her mine literally shoots at her - or rather, into the air above her. Hog-tied and hauled into a police vehicle driven by the man's brother, it does not seem an auspicious start to a romance. But this is Dillon Iron Feather's odd version of courting, it seems, as circumstances throw them together and romance quickly blossoms. Can their love withstand the storm that is about to hit them, or will it be doomed from the start? Tessa and Dillon were a really affectionate couple, in a bigger way than just the typical sexual manner. They genuinely cared about each other almost from the beginning, and while Dillon appeared at first to be quite the alpha male, Tessa gave as good as she got, which I loved. Being that Dillon had a Native American heritage and was raised to respect the land and animals around him, it was particularly inspiring as the author taught us about his unique ways of hunting. Tessa at first appeared to be out of her element at first, but Dillon's patience and her bravery showed another side to her that was exciting to see. There was some conflict in the story, which was sorted a bit too quickly for my preference, but it was done well and added to the story to make it more meaningful. In the end, the book taught me many lessons, and it became much more than a romance. I read this book not realizing that it was the first in a series, and I can't tell you how excited I am that there will be another book following this one! I am eager to read more about the Iron Feather brothers and can't wait to see what's in store for them. **I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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