Book Review: A Meddle of Wizards by Alexandra Rushe

Before starting my review, I would like to send a brief note of apology for the delay in posting reviews! Almost a week gone by without something for you all. I was sick with the flu off and on for the last two weeks, and while I had a few reviews already prepared for a little while, I wasn't able to get any ready for this week before the sickness hit again. I have a brief reprieve now, so here is a review to tide you over. :)

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This was a fantastic book filled with exciting world-building, amusing characters, and a promise of amazing adventures to come! I sped through this book in a day, eager to read more about all the quirky parts to this fictional world and see where it took our heroine. While I would have liked to have seen some romance (because admittedly, I fully expected there to at least be a little), there was none to be had. BUT given how the book progressed, I have high hopes that at some point in the future Alexandra Rushe will satisfy my craving for a little romance. Pretty please? Raine Stewart has been flung into a land where gruff trolls, alpha warriors, ancient wizards, and sensitive giants wander. Told she has an evil twin (no joke) that is aiding an evil wizard in trying to take over Tandara - the world where she now finds herself - she is now her new friends' only hope of taking back their home. As she travels, she notices that the disease that plagued her in her world has gradually begun to slip away in Tandara, and where before she was thin, homely, and in pain, now she is healthy, beautiful, and pain-free. Perhaps this is really where she belongs, if only she can survive long enough to see her happy ending. My favorite part for me in this book really wasn't Raine, even though I loved her to pieces. She had lines that made me laugh so hard, and the way she described the warrior Mauric was hysterical: "Lord a-mercy he was huge, one of the biggest men she'd seen--well over six feet tall and packed with muscles. He was a college football recruiter's wet dream, a goal line stand by himself." Aside from her, starting with my most liked, the author gives us the lovable Tiny Bart, a giant with a heart to match his height, Mauric, a manly warrior who has no idea what to do with sickly Raine, Gertie, a troll sorceress with a terrifying exterior but a gruff motherly interior, and Bree, an ancient wizard who can't see what's right in front of his nose. All of these characters really made this story leap off the pages. There are many more characters, but these are the four that make up Raine's crew for majority of the book. These are the ones that will get you to continue reading and wish the book never ended. I can't wait for the next book in this series! It's sure to be a wonderful adventure, with hopefully a touch of romance to spice things up. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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