Book Review: Heat by Donna Grant

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Another exciting addition to the Dark Kings series, Heat was a joy to read! While I did find this one harder to follow than its predecessor, Blaze, I was able to catch up fairly quickly and make connections to what was going on. Having read only books 10-12 of this series, I made it harder on myself, but thankfully Donna Grant does an excellent job keeping the reader in the loop. It's an increasingly complex world she has created, but with that complexity comes intrigue and mystery. I love it! During captivity, MI5 agent Esther North's mind was altered, and now that she is free again, she cannot be sure of her memories or her stability. Becoming increasingly concerned about her liability to the Dragon Kings, Esther seeks out the help of a reclusive dragon named Nikolai. Having assisted with the banishment of a Dragon King who was like a father to him, Nikolai has been burdened with guilt and unable to find comfort. However, Esther may be able to change that. His power allows him to see into Esther's past, and what he finds may lead to Esther's recovery...or her demise. As they come together to find the Druid who damaged her so severely, they discover that their lives are more intertwined than they could have ever imagined. Esther and Nikolai were a really inspiring couple. Even though both felt very weak, they were actually quite strong to have survived what they did. Nikolai lost both his parents as a young dragon, and then the man who raised him went insane and he played a part in taking away that which his mentor held most dear. Esther was kidnapped and her mind controlled, and she has been too afraid to sleep for fear that the Druid who scarred her would attack her again. The fact that such emotionally damaged people could find solace in each other, and then find the strength in themselves to conquer the odds that were against them for a greater good, says so much about their inner character. It made their romance all the more heartwarming, and I was so glad they got a happy ending. I am excited to see this series continue and know that Donna Grant will continue to impress! It is a series that should satisfy anyone who enjoys stories of magic and dragons. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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