Book Review: Daring Widow by Cerise DeLand

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This was a wonderfully written romance, full of genuine passion, heart-wrenching conflict, and intriguing characters! I wasn't sure how I would react to reading this book, as I'm generally not a huge fan of historical romances where the heroine just wants a fling. However, when it's done right, it makes for a really great romance. Cerise DeLand did it right. It was very well done. A child bride at 15, forced to marry an older man and abused by him until his death, Marianne Roland is naturally inclined to never be married again. Escorting her cousins through the perils of the marriage game, the last thing she expects is to want to be in the arms of any man. But she didn't count on the handsome artist and duke, Andre Claude Marceau, Duc de Remy and Prince du sang. Soon they begin a battle of wills, as Marianne asks for one night of passion, and Andre is determined to make it a lifetime. I really enjoyed both characters immensely! Marianne was a kind, generous person who wanted to be loved but didn't know how to accomplish that with her past. Andre was never someone who would have a muse for very long, and then upon seeing Marianne, he realized that he had finally found the one person who could truly stop him in his tracks. I loved that they both shared a passion for art, as it became a nice continuing mention in the story. You don't often read historical romances with an artist as the hero, and when the heroine is as well, it makes for a unique read. Knowing that this is the second book in the series, I am definitely inspired to read further! Cerise DeLand did an excellent job creating a story that inspires passion and romance in its readers. **I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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