Book Review: Something to Howl About by Christine Warren

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A short read that whet my appetite for what is sure to be a phenomenal series! I have never been the biggest fan of novellas, but Christine Warren packed so much energy into a small package that I found myself wanting to read another novella right away. There were several character introductions that gave me a taste of what may be to come in future installments, and I laughed the whole way through. This is definitely a series I will be watching. Dr. Annie Cryer has been without a home for three years, but she has finally been given the opportunity to earn her way back into the pack. The answer lies in Alpha, Washington, a small mountain town known as Alphaville, has a fertility problem among its brown bear shifter population, and as a doctor specializing in genetics and shifter biology, she is well qualified to assist. That is, if she can get past the fact that the man she has to work with just happens to be her mate. But Jonas Browning is adamant that what they're experiencing is lust. Brown bears don't have mates - do they? Annie and Jonas butted heads pretty much from the get-go, and Jonas’ stubborn nature seemed sure to derail this relationship before it had started. Thankfully, Jonas’ mother took him by the ear and gave him a talking to, which was perhaps my favorite part of the story. Mothers to the rescue! Annie was giving him a hard time as well, ignoring him as much as possible until he came to her. I loved how she gave it right back to him when he tried to intimidate her, and she didn’t let him off the hook for behaving so poorly. A match like that causes a lot of laughter and sighs! I’m eager to read the first book in this series! So glad I was able to get a taste of it with this short novella, before the first release at the end of January. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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