Book Review: A Match Made in Heather by Anna Harrington

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**Extended Version of Review from Say Yes to the Scot** Oh, the angst! This was a story filled with betrayal, misunderstandings, and lost love found again. It tugs at your heartstrings and makes you believe in love despite all odds. I went through a veritable roller coaster of emotions, rooting for both love and justice at the end of it all. It may be a small story, but it is mighty. Garrick McGuiness, born the lowly son of a blacksmith, is now Lord Townsend, and his past has finally collided with the present, allowing for sweet revenge. Ten years ago, he meant to elope with Arabel Rowland, his employer’s daughter, but fate intervened, and Arabel was forced to let Garrick go. Thinking she was throwing their love away, Garrick storms off, and they don’t see each other for many years. Now they have both acquired one-half of an estate, the ancestral home of Arabel’s family. They must live together inside the home for thirty days before even thinking of selling, and Garrick knows this is his chance to get back at the family who ruined his life so many years ago. But the truth isn’t always clear, and Garrick must soon decide if his revenge is as important as his love for Arabel. Garrick and Arabel were really a very likeable couple. Although Garrick said very harsh things to Arabel out of pain and anger, and Arabel made decisions that made me want to shake her, I really, really wanted them to be together from the very beginning. My heart ached every time they clashed, because while the reader knows they love each other, they don't find that out until much later. It was one of those love stories that I can imagine happening in real life, so it makes it all the more vivid to the reader. Read it – I know you will love it! It was a story originally part of the Say Yes to the Scot box set released in June, but it really held its own and deserves the spotlight now. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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