Book Review: The Ghost Downstairs by Molly Ringle

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This book had so many wonderful elements that it was difficult to determine if I should classify it as a mystery, horror, or romance. I think it was a little bit of all three, with an obvious paranormal element that really brought a unique feel to the whole story. What I found most interesting about this book was that it never made it obvious where the story was going. At first, I had an inkling where the story would go, but then other things would happen to throw me off. Molly Ringle did an amazing job keeping me on the edge of my seat and making this an engaging read. After being responsible for the death of one of her patients, nurse Lina Zuendel has left her position at the hospital and taken up a position as a live-in nurse at a retirement home called Drake House. Unknowing of the history of the house nor its reputation, she quickly discovers that there is a reason the position had not yet been filled. Between the unexplained noises she hears at night and the mysterious behavior of the houseboy, Ren, Lina is beginning to wonder exactly what she's gotten herself into. Things only become stanger once she finds out that the house used to be a sorority house and that a murder-suicide occurred there in the 1930s. Now it appears that there is a ghost still haunting the place - or are there two? A lover of mysteries and history, I was immediately intrigued by this story and its characters. I am not overly familiar with the way things were in the 1930s, particularly sorority culture, so I was excited to read some new material in this story about things like houseboys and how girls interacted in the sorority houses. Lina and Ren drew me in quickly with their reserved characters, because I felt like I needed to continue reading to really understand who they were and why. Ren was the most interesting, as I couldn't get a handle on what exactly his role would be in the story. What ended up being his role was both expected and yet surprising. The ending is heart-wrenching, and I was flipping through the pages like mad wondering if this is truly how it ends. But have no fear - this is not a book that will leave you wanting to throw it across the room in the end. I like happily-ever-afters. Although I originally picked this up thinking it was a brand new book, it turns out it was first released several years ago. I am surprised I had not read it before, but I am thrilled to have read it finally. I am eager to read more books by this author. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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