Book Review: Nightingale by Jocelyn Adams

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Oh my goodness, this book was amazing! On a scale of 1 to 10 for swoon-worthiness, it gets a 20. If the author had asked me what kind of hero could make my heart skip a beat, Micah Laine would be it. Look up "tortured hero" in the romance dictionary - his face is there. I loved how Jocelyn Adams wrote a book reminiscent of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale and made it genuine for modern day. While some reviewers seem to think it's slow and blah with the sex, I found it to be sweet and highly sensual, making the intimate scenes all the more heartfelt and emotional. Quite frankly, I wish more authors wrote sex in the way Jocelyn Adams does, because it would make me feel the character's emotions in the moment so much more. Micah Laine is a mystery to the public. After escaping from Colombian kidnappers a year ago, rescuing several others at the same time, and coming home with a terrible scar along the side of his face, he has no desire to revisit his time in that horrible place. When Darcy Delacorte, a blogger and aspiring journalist, comes to him hoping to use his story to further her career, he believes she is just another vulture out to plaster his past all over the city. He challenges her with a deal: stay with him at his secluded cottage for one week, during which time she can ask as many questions as she long as she lets him ask for something as well. But he gets more than her bargained for as his time with her becomes more intimate and his secrets become less hidden. She is warm and carefree, but she has scars of her own. When his final secret is unveiled, will she still want him? Micah was, as I said above, a fantastic hero. While he had every reason to be cold and callous towards Darcy, given her profession and his troubled past, his warm heart and generous compassion won out in the end. He not only began to heal himself, but he cared enough to heal Darcy as well. Darcy was a character I feel many of us could relate to, and I enjoyed reading about her quirks as well as her passion for her profession. She knows that she represents what Micah hates - the media - and she puts in a lot of effort to make sure he's comfortable with everything she asks of him. They both made a supportive couple who showed that healing is never one-sided, and that perfect someone could be hiding in the least likely of places. As soon as I finished this book, I went to look up what others this author has written. It is clear to me that this is an author I could read again, and I am eager to do so. Brava, Jocelyn Adams! This book is a must-read.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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