Book Review: The Chase by Sara Portman

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This was a quick read that gave the reader a sweet romance and a happy ever after to dream about! I enjoyed the mystery of why the heroine was in the situation she found herself, and Sara Portman did a great job keeping me on the edge of my seat trying to figure it out. Each time I thought I knew what happened, she would throw in another clue that would have me spinning off in another direction entirely. Once I learned the reality of the situation, it was so different and intriguing that I found myself reading even faster to find out how she fared in the end. Juliana Crawford has been waiting for hours for the right person to come along, for a kindly soul to take her into their carriage and help her get to London where her future awaits. Running away from her father, she is desperate to arrive in London and thwart her father's plans for her. Seeing a gentleman with a cane exit a carriage, she believes she may have found the perfect person to help her - an older man who would take pity on a young girl. Instead, she finds Michael Rosevear, the illegitimate son of an earl on his way to his father's to negotiate for his own future. Young and hobbled by an old war injury, the last thing he needs to deal with is a woman with a thousand lies on the tip of her tongue and an odd way about her that lends to both courage and submissiveness. Against his better judgment, he decides to aid her and the two embark on a journey that will test Michael's patience and Juliana's heart. I enjoyed both Michael and Juliana, though I think I liked Michael the best of the two! His way of dealing with Juliana's odd behavior made me laugh, and he has an adorable dog named Gelert with a tragic story to go with his noble name. I was hooked from the start by his gentle handling of the dog - always a good sign in a man. Juliana's personality was such a mixture of behaviors, and because the author didn't explain why from the get-go, it took a bit for me to understand just who Juliana was as a person. It wasn't obvious but it was worth the effort getting to the bottom of her life. They were a sweet couple who both had their problems, but Michael really stood out in the end with how he saved Juliana's life several times in spite of his not knowing who she was. It showed a warm nobleness of character. I enjoyed this book and am interested enough to look up the previous books in the series! Since this is the third and we meet characters from the first two books, I am intrigued to read their stories as well. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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